Material Baskets


  • 4x6 basket
  • 4x15 basket
  • 8x20 basket

The CHART-UR-BAR 5.5 Ton Offloading Platform was Designed/Fabricated for a client looking for an efficient & safe way to transport pre-fabricated PODs into an elevated structure. Upon meeting with the client and identifying areas of concern, we were able to design an Offloading Platform that accommodated multiple POD sizes while considering the allowable entry clearances areas of the already built structure. In an effort to meet the jobsites projected layout, it was designed in a fashion that allowed for loading and offloading on opposite ends. In addition, the Offloading Platform is equipped with provisions to tie-off to the structure, adding stability while transferring the load. With our design, our client is able to successfully and safely load/offload their PODs with the simple use of rollers/skates and without ever having to step off the structure. The 5.5 Ton CHART-UR-BAR Offloading Platform is efficient, safe, and requires minimal personnel to handle. Our scope of work in this project involved Design, Engineering, Fabrication, Consulting, and Equipment Rental.

2.5 Ton Brick Pallet Basket

The CHART-UR-BAR 2.5 Ton Brick Pallet Basket is a great solution for transporting palletized loads onto a designated area. Accommodating pallets up to 36” x 48” with loads up to 48” tall, our Brick Pallet Basket is not only an easy way to transport, but also eliminates the chance of accidents by enclosing the load within the basket. Simply place the basket over the pallet, secure the cross section tubing in place, and you are ready to lift.